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Cockroach Control

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CockRoach Control

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included with the cockroach control service?

• Inspection of home to determine extent of the issue
• Placing treatment in drains, cracks, and crevices
• Treatment of doors, windows, and flower beds
• Treatment of exterior perimeter of the home

What happens next?

When the cockroach pest control pro arrives, the first thing they'll ask is where and when you're seeing cockroaches. Also, the pro will do their own inspection to determine entry points and the extent of the infestation. Please note that some situations require more than 1 treatment to clear up. Your cockroach pest control pro will have a recommendation for the best type of treatment, and amount of treatment needed, once they've inspected your specific situation.

Please remove all items from cabinets before the pest control pro arrives at your home. They will give you instructions when they confirm your appointment. If not, please ask them any questions you have.

Why should I hire a Wet Crow pro to handle my cockroach control?

If you have cockroaches, there's nothing better for your peace of mind than having one of our top rated pros, with professional equipment and experience, to get rid of them. A pro can also give you advice on how to keep cockroaches away in the future, and for the long term.

How Works For You!

Within a few minutes, in most cases, we will introduce you to several interested professionals near you. You will be able to compare profiles, reviews, and quotations on your request. When you are ready, pick the professional you wish to work with. It is that easy!

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