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When you require major changes to your home, especially if it is a historic home, you may need the services of one of our top rated architects.
A good architect wll make sure the builder or contractor follows local ordinances and keeps you from making design mistakes, you may later regret.
Here are questions an architect will ask you to make sure they design or redesign your home project to suit your needs and make your home comfortable:
  • Where does your family watch TV?
  • Do you host parties in your home often?
  • Do you need a private area for your computer or do you need to locate it in an area where you can watch the kids?
  • What bothers you about the house now?
  • Budget - Do you have the budget for all your wants and or needs?
  • Do you spend most of your time in the kitchen, bedroom, family room, or other area in your home?

How Works For You!

Within a few minutes, in most cases, we will introduce you to several interested professionals near you. You will be able to compare profiles, reviews, and quotations on your request. When you are ready, pick the professional you wish to work with. It is that easy!

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