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How do I get rich from a very small amount of money?

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Asked December 19, 2017
Posted Under: Business
1 Answers

Becoming rich, wealthy, millionaire, billionaire, all comes down to simple math, taking a plan that uses the math to get people to give you enough money to reach your goal.

Let's start with a simple $1 Million. If you can get 5,000 people to give you $17 per month, you will have $1 Million in one year.

You can do the math any way you like. $5,000 from 204 people will give you the same result.

It comes down to providing a product or service, of value, that other people are willing to pay you for. Next you have to scale your business, so you can make a profit, while adding staff, more advertising, or whatever it takes to build the business, so more people are giving you more money, as you grow.

Along with that comes good customer service. The other day I spoke to a sales girl at a department store that said she hated retail. I was a customer that just spent quite a bit on buying jewelry for my wife. I told her that my best job offer ever, came from me working in a retal store 20 years ago. You have to be passionate about helping people.

Next, you want to make good connections that can help propell your business to new heights. If you watch Shark Tank, you know what I mean. A joint venture with a billion dollar company can make your company a billion dollar success. You need to think in terms of how can that business and mine make money together. It has to be a win-win situation for both, for it to work for both parties.

That is the basics. Now the most important thing is, get off your butt, turn off the TV ad get to work. If TV is more important, then enjoy living paycheck to paycheck, like most people do and keep dreaming of what you could have had.

So, now that you read this. Get to work!

Answered December 19, 2017
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