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What is a sure and guaranteed way to become a billionaire?

I got asked this question several ties in the last 18 months. My answer follows.


Asked December 19, 2017
Posted Under: Business
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There is no sure and guaranteed way to become a billionaire.
Becoming a billionaire is the result of making the right decisions, acting on them, building a business that provides a product or service that appeals to the masses, providing good customer service, and of course, some luck. You do have to be at the right place at the right time. You would not have wanted to start a railroad in 1990. You would not want to open a video store now.

You want to increase your chances, by making joint venture deals with existing billionaires. Look at entrepreneurs that get funded on Shark Tank. They do well because of the connections the investors have. You can start now, by making connections with people on LinkedIn and other venues to build a network of resources you will need to build your billion dollar business. You need mentors. Search for angel investors, advisors, etc. Offer to help them, in return for advice. Everyone knows someone that can get you one step closer to your goal. It is like a giant ladder that you must climb.

I am building what is becoming a Billion Venture at It has taken me 6 years to figure it out, pivot the business to find out what works and what does not. There is a lot of trial and error, especially with marketing, advertising, etc. That is the sure way to reach your goal. You will try many things. Many will fail, but all it takes is one big winner to rocket your success.
Enjoy the journey and best of success!

Answered December 19, 2017
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