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Can WetCrow Become a Trillion Dollar Company?

What is the chance of Wet Crow Internet Inc, becoming a Trillion Dollar Company? My uderstandng is they are negotiating with companies, like FaceBook, Amazon, Home Depot, CostCo, and Yelp, to become the back end for on demand services. People go to Home Depot to buy a toilet, but need someone to install it. Currently, the process at Home Depot is a nightmare. They tested using WetCrow, with excellent results, but are waiting for WetCrow to add enough service providers, before rolling out across the entire USA.

Asked December 15, 2017
Posted Under: Business
1 Answers

Becoming a Trillion Dollar company is a huge undertaking. Google and Apple are close to achieving this. That said, the on demand services market that is attempting to dominate is expected to grow to well above that and may already be there.

Wet Crow is expected to dominate this market by 2014. By that time, the market is expected to exceed $5 Trillion to possibly over $9 Trillion. If that occur, which it will, and Wet Crow succeedss in dominating it, which I give it a 25% chance, then it could easily become a Trillion Dollar company. Will it be the first Trillion Dollar company? I emphatically doubt it.

Would I invest in it, if I were an accredited investor? Yes. No doubt.


Answered December 15, 2017
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