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Can I use images of products on my website of products I am selling from distributor or manufacturer [Resolved]

I'm starting an online business, and I'm wondering if I can re-use images of the products I'm selling, which I found on my drop-ship sites, on my business site. Is this legal, or do I have to first purchase all the products and take individual pictures of them all?

Asked November 3, 2012
Posted Under: education
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Short answer is no; not without express permission. Most drop-ship sites will let you use their photos, if you are a paid member or buying a certain volume of products. Some offer free images.
If you just copy photos where you do not have express permission (either directly for you to use, or any reseller to use, as posred on their website), you could be liable for copyright infringement.

Answered November 3, 2012
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