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Investment Opportunities

Wet Crow Internet Inc., is raising capital to fuel its growth at various times. We are not always raising capital, but when we do, we offer great investment opportunities to our investor community. If we are not raising capital at this time, we will email you when an opportunity comes up. Please contact us with your full name (first name, last name), email, message, including the best phone number to reach you. When an opportunity comes up, we email and later call you to discuss.

Our company is growing quickly and we expect to dominate in services and the sharing economy. We have already had discussions with SoftBank about investing $50 Billion into our company, however, we do not wish to give them full control of our business. By growing with local investors, we give opportunities to our service providers that join us early to invest in us, with priority return of capital.

Join our list of investors below and stay informed. We will send you monthly and quarterly updates on our progress. Emails currently come from an email address or address, so please keep that in mind when seeing our emails.
Thank You for your interest in our great company.
Tom Psillas, CEO