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700 Degrees Pizzeria - Menu

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14" Premium Cheese Pizza Special$.00
Family Meal Deal$21.99
Free Dessert with Order of $25 or More$.00
1. Two Large Cheese Pizzas, 12 Buffalo Wings and 2 Liter Soda Special$34.45
2. Large Cheese Pizza and 12 Buffalo Wings Special$20.95
3. Two Large Cheese Pizzas Special$20.00
4. One Large Pizza with 1 Topping, 12 Buffalo Wings and 2 Liter Soda Special$23.95
5. Two Medium Cheese Pizza Special$17.95
6. One Party Size Pizza with 2 Toppings Special$22.99
7. One Party Size 1 Topping Pizza, 12 Wings and 2 Liter Soda Special$33.95
10. Sixteen Inch Large Cheese Pizza and 2 Liter Soda Special$21.99
11. Fourteen Inch Fresh Baked Cheese Pizza Special$.00
13. Party Size Cheese Pizza, 24 Wings and 2 Liter Soda Special$36.74
2 Liter Soda$2.99
20 oz. Bottled Soda$1.99
Canned Soda$1.00
Lipton Pure Leaf$2.50
Lipton Sparkling Tea$2.50
Fried Calamari$7.95
6 Piece Mozzarella Sticks$6.95
5 Piece Buffalo Style Mozzarella Sticks$6.95
Toasted Ravioli$6.95
Fried Shrimp$6.99
5 Piece Chicken Tenders$7.45
3 Pieces Chicken Tenders and Fries$8.45
8 Pieces Chicken Nuggets$6.45
French Fries$3.99
Cheese Fries$4.25
Chili Cheese Fries$5.75
Curly Fries$4.25
Sweet Potato Fries$4.25
Onion Rings$4.25
Garlic Bread$3.49
Garlic Bread with Cheese$3.99
Garlic Bread with Cheese and Pepperoni$4.99
6 Piece Garlic Knots$3.00
Tri Sampler$9.45
Shrimp Basket$7.25
Shrimp Basket with Fries$9.25
Fried Clam Strips$6.99
Fried Dough with Sauce and Powder Sugar$5.95
6 Pieces Jalapeno Poppers$6.50
6 Pieces Grape Leaves$5.25
Side of Meatballs$3.95
Side of Sausage$3.95
Zucchini Sticks$6.99
6 Piece Crispy Shrimp$6.99
Garlic Bread with Melted Mozzarella$4.99
Rice Balls$5.99
Pasta Fagiole Soup$4.69
Beef and Bean Chili$6.49
Chicken Vegetable with Meat Tortellini$4.69
Garden Salad$.00
Caesar Salad$.00
Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken$.00
Harvest Salad$.00
Harvest Salad with Grilled Chicken$.00
Tuscan Chicken Salad$.00
Greek Salad$.00
Greek Salad with Grilled Chicken$.00
Tuna Platter Salad$.00
The Sinful Salad$.00
Chef Salad$.00
Buffalo Chicken Salad$.00
Goat Cheese and Portobello Salad$.00
Cobb Salad$.00
Antipasto Salad$.00
Shrimp Salad$.00
Asian Chicken Salad$.00
Personal 10" Cheese Pizza$5.99
Premium Cheese Pizza$.00
The Works Pizza$.00
BBQ Chicken Pizza$.00
Buffalo Chicken Pizza$.00
CBR Pie$.00
Combo Express Pizza$.00
White Pizza$.00
Salad Pizza$.00
Chicken Caesar Pizza$.00
Meat Lovers Pizza$.00
Vegetarian Pizza$.00
Veggie Deluxe Pizza$.00
Chicken and Veggie Pizza$.00
Crispy Chicken Parmesan Pizza$.00
Margherita Pizza$.00
Hawaiian Pizza$.00
Mashed Potato Pizza$.00
White Clam Pizza$.00
Philly Cheesesteak Pizza$.00
11" Gluten Free Pizza$9.99
Mozzarella Cheese Pizza$.00
Pan Pizza
Broccoli Rabe Pizza$19.99
Bruschetta Pizza$18.99
Mamas Pizza$19.99
Broccoli Rabe and Sausage Pizza$22.99
Portobello and Pecorino Pizza$19.99
Chicken Scarpariello Pizza$22.99
Spinach Pizza$18.99
Legendary Gourmet Pizzas
1. Work Pizza$.00
2. BBQ Chicken Pizza$.00
3. Chicken Bacon Ranch$.00
4. Combo Express Pizza$.00
5. Clams Casino Pizza$.00
6. Vegetarian Pizza$.00
7. Philly Cheese Steak Pizza$.00
8. Crispy Chicken Parm Pizza$.00
9. Margherita Pizza$.00
10. Hawaiian Pizza$.00
11. Mashed Potato Pizza$.00
12. Hot Oil Pizza$.00
13. Three Cheese$.00
14. Meat Lover Pizza$.00
15. Salad Pizza$.00
16. Buffalo Chicken Pizza$.00
17. Chicken Veggie Pizza$.00
18. Fisherman Pizza$.00
19. Pesto Pizza$.00
20. Lasagna Pizza$.00
21. White Shrimp Pizza$.00
22. Chicken Broccoli$.00
23. Veggie Lovers Pizza$.00
24. Mexican Pizza$.00
25. 700 Special Pizza$.00
5 Piece Chicken Finger Platter$10.45
8 Piece Buffalo Wing Platter$10.45
8 Piece Fried Shrimp Platter$10.45
8 Piece Boneless Wing Platter$10.45
Fried Calamari Platter$10.45
Jumbo Buffalo Wings and Boneless Wings
Jumbo Buffalo Wings$.00
Boneless Wings$.00
Chicken Cutlet Parmigiana Entree$13.45
Chicken Francese Entree$17.99
Chicken Marsala Entree$17.99
Shrimp Parmigiana Entree$15.99
Chicken Scarpariello Entree$16.99
Chicken Picatta$17.99
Eggplant Parmigiana Entree$13.45
Sausage and Pepper Parmigiana$13.45
Cheese Calzone$6.99
Veggie Calzone$9.99
Meat Calzone$9.99
Chicken Parmesan Calzone$9.99
Penne Vodka$12.99
Penne Vodka with Grilled Chicken$15.99
Homemade Meat Lasagna$12.99
Baked Cheese Ravioli$11.99
Tortellini Alfredo$12.99
Fettuccine Alfredo$15.99
Linguini with Clam Sauce$12.99
Pasta with Tomato Sauce$7.99
Pasta with Butter$7.99
Spaghetti and Meatballs$12.99
Baked Ziti$11.99
Baked Ziti with Meat Sauce$12.99
700 Degree Penne Special$12.99
Penne with Sausage and Broccoli Rabe$12.99
Stuffed Shells$11.99
Spaghetti Carbonara$12.99
Fettuccine Alfredo With Grilled Chicken$13.99
Tortellini Alfredo$10.99
Ziti and Meatballs$10.99
Hot and Cold Subs
Meatball Parmesan Sub$7.50
Sausage Parmesan Sub$7.50
Chicken Parmesan Sub$7.50
Eggplant Parmesan Sub$7.50
Shrimp Parmesan Sub$8.50
Philly Cheesesteak Sub$8.50
Chicken Finger Club$8.50
Grilled Chicken Sub$7.50
Chicken Cutlet Sub$7.50
Italian Sub Combo$7.50
Pepper and Egg Sub$7.50
Veggie Hero$7.50
Turkey Sub$7.50
Tuna Salad Sub$7.50
Buffalo Chicken Sub$8.50
Broccoli Rabe and Sausage Sub$9.00
11. Grilled Chicken Wrap$7.95
2. Crispy Chicken Cutlet Wrap$7.50
3. Tuna Salad Wrap$7.50
4. Caesar Chicken Wrap$7.50
5. Turkey Wrap$7.50
7. Harvest Chicken Wrap$8.50
8. Sinful Wrap$8.50
9. Buffalo Chicken Wrap$8.00
10. Chicken, Bacon and Ranch Wrap$8.50
11. Veggie Wrap$8.50
12. Asian Chicken Wrap$8.00
1. SPA Wrap$7.95
2. Grilled Shrimp Wrap$7.95
3. Buffalo Chicken Wrap$7.95
4. BBQ Chicken Wrap$7.95
5. Chicken Caesar Wrap$7.95
6. Greek Wrap$7.95
7. Fajita Wrap$7.95
8. Steak and Cheese Wrap$7.95
9. Turkey Wrap$7.95
10. Tuna Wrap$7.95
11. Grilled Chicken Wrap$7.95
12. Veggie Wrap$7.95
13. Chicken Ranchero$7.95
14. Chicken Cutlet$7.95
15. Italian Combo$7.95
Homemade Stuffed Bread
Broccoli and Cheese$8.95
Pepperoni and Cheese$8.49
Spinach and Cheese$8.95
Chicken, Broccoli and Cheese$9.75
Bacon, Tomato and Cheese$9.25
Chicken, Spinach and Cheese$9.75
Sausage and Cheese$8.49
Chicken Cordon Bleu$8.45
Regular Hamburger$4.99
Deluxe Hamburger$6.49
Regular Cheeseburger$5.49
Deluxe Cheeseburger$7.00
Regular Bacon Hamburger$5.99
Deluxe Bacon Hamburger$7.49
Regular Bacon Cheeseburger$6.49
Deluxe Bacon Cheeseburger$7.99
Regular Double Bacon Cheeseburger$7.99
Deluxe Double Bacon Cheeseburger$9.49
Regular Double Cheeseburger$7.49
Deluxe Double Cheeseburger$8.99
Regular Double Hamburger$6.49
Deluxe Double Hamburger$7.99
Hot Grinders
Meatball Parm Grinder$7.95
Sausage Parm Grinder$7.95
Sausage and Peppers Parm Grinder$7.95
Chicken Parm Grinder$7.95
Eggplant Parm Grinder$7.95
Shrimp Parm Grinder$7.95
Grilled Chicken Grinder$7.95
Chicken Cutlet Grinder$7.95
Steak and Cheese Grinder$7.95
Buffalo Chicken Grinder$7.95
Chicken Ranchero Grinder$7.95
Cheeseburger Grinder$7.95
Pepperoni Steak and Cheese Grinder$7.95
Chicken Cordon Bleu Grinder$7.95
Veggie Hero Grinder$7.95
Pepper and Egg Grinder$7.95
Cold Grinders
Ham and Cheese Grinder$7.95
Salami and Cheese Grinder$7.95
Tuna and Cheese Grinder$7.95
Italian Combo Grinder$7.95
Turkey and Cheese Grinder$7.95
Grilled Chicken$8.95
Steak and Cheese Quesadilla$8.95
Buffalo Chicken$8.95
Chicken Cutlet$8.95
Grilled Sandwiches
Regular Grilled Cheese Sandwich$4.00
Deluxe Grilled Cheese Sandwich$6.00
Regular Grilled Cheese with Tomato Sandwich$4.25
Deluxe Grilled Cheese with Tomato Sandwich$6.25
Regular Grilled Cheese with Bacon Sandwich$4.75
Deluxe Grilled Cheese with Bacon Sandwich$6.75
Chef’s Special
Chicken Souvlaki on Pita$.00
Beef Gyro on Pita$.00
Healthy Specials
Grilled Chicken$9.95
Chicken Bruschetta$9.95
Side Orders
Sauteed Broccoli Rabe$6.99
Sauteed Baby Spinach$5.99
Sauteed Fresh Broccoli$5.99
2 Piece Side of Meatballs$5.99
2 Piece Side of Sausage$5.99
Side of Pasta with Tomato Sauce$5.99
Side of Chicken Cutlet$5.99
Grill Chicken$9.95
Kids Menu
1. Kids 3 Piece Chicken Fingers and Fries$7.99
2. Kids 4 Piece Mozzarella Sticks$5.99
3. Kids Pasta with Butter$4.99
4. Kids Pasta with Tomato Sauce$4.99
5. Kids Ravioli with Butter$5.99
6. Kids Ravioli with Tomato Sauce$5.99
Kids 4 Pieces Fried Mozzarella$4.95
Kids 5 Pieces Chicken Nuggets with Fries$4.95
Kids Pasta with Butter$5.95
Lunch Specials
Meatball Parmesan Sub Lunch Special$6.99
Baked Lasagna Lunch Special$6.99
Sausage Parmesan Sub Lunch Special$6.99
Baked Ziti Lunch Special$6.99
Chicken Parmesan Sub Lunch Special$6.99
Penne Vodka Lunch Special$6.99
Eggplant Parmesan Sub Lunch Special$6.99
Penne Planet Lunch Special$6.99
Shrimp Parmesan Sub Lunch Special$7.49
Chicken Parmesan with Spaghetti Lunch Special$8.99
Fresh Filled Jumbo Cannoli$3.49
Fresh Filled Mini Cannoli$1.29
Dozen Mini Cannoli$13.99
6 Piece Zeppoli$3.49
Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies$.00
Insane Brownie$2.99
Chocolate Cake$3.99
Fried Seafood & Chicken
Fried Chicken Finger$10.25
Fish and Chips$12.00
Seafood Combo$16.95
Fried Clam Strips$10.50
Fried Jumbo Shrimp$10.99
Shrimp Basket$11.99
Fried Calamari$11.95
Club Sandwiches
Turkey Club Sandwich$7.49
Cheeseburger Club Sandwich$7.49
Tuna Club Sandwich$7.49
Hamburger Club Sandwich$7.49
Steak & Cheese Club Sandwich$7.49
BLT Club Sandwich$7.49
Chicken Cutlet Club Sandwich$7.49
Ham & Cheese Club Sandwich$7.49
Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich$7.49
Salami Club Sandwich$7.49